We take pride in working with clients who think of us as their business partners by entrusting us with the responsibility of building their image and reputation through the organization of an event.

For us, their trust has a unique value that requires us to be attentive and understand their needs, and to continuously perfect our service to exceed their expectations in every new Project.



Projects conducted by companies, usually business or internal communication companies.

Let me comment on my conviction that an important pillar in the success of CELAES,
today considered one of the best CELAES; was the dedicated and professional work all of you have displayed.

José Marangunich - General Security and Fraud Prevention Manager of the Banco de Crédito



Events, conferences, meetings and exhibition conducted by organizations or associations with a shared interest.

We have nothing but gratitude for Stimulus for the excellent work accomplished, which has motivated us to continue working together.

Mariano Valderrama León - Executive Vicepresident APEGA
Peruvian Gastronomic Society


Projects conducted by state or government-related entities.

The degree of perfection, the dedication to the smallest detail has to be highlighted. I would like to express my most sincere gratitude on behalf of everyone
who has seen all of you working during nearly almost two years. I should especially mention the resourcefulness demonstrated in overcoming the obstacles that appeared.

José Miguel Morales - President of the APEC CEO Summit 2008


Projects conducted by state or government-related entities.

Quisiéramos extender nuestra gratitud por la cooperación entre la Secretaría del Cambio Climático de las Naciones Unidas y Stimulus en la provisión de servicios para este enorme evento.

Salwa Dallalah - Cordinadora de Servicios de Conferencias