What are the steps in the planning of an event?

The organization of events comprises the management and follow-up of processes, the execution of which leads to the success of the same and the satisfaction of the participants. In general terms, the steps for the planning of an event are: Design of the concept and the general strategy, quotes, budget, production, set up, execution, dismantling and post event evaluation of the results.

What is a DMC?

A DMC is a professional company that manages services with a wide knowledge and experience in the tourism conditions and resources of a region. It specializes in the planning, organizing and execution of events (congresses, seminars, conventions, and incentive travel), tourist circuits, transport, logistics programs and all types of activities in the high value market segments and niches. Some DMCs are integrating travel agencies able to function in a coordinating manner with other service companies for the development of an event and the marketing of the destination.

What is MICE?

MICE means meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions. The organizers of events can segment their audiences in accordance with the motivation, such as academic, informative, conventional tourism or business.

What is the ICCA?

The ICCA is the International Congress and Convention Association, an institution linked to the industry of the most prestigious events in the world. The ICCA prepares an annual ranking that quantifies events organized by international associations of different sectors, that have taken place in different sites and have rotated for a minimum of three countries.

What is a PCO?

A PCO (Professional Congress Organizer) is a company whose objectives and goals are consulting, planning, organizing, directing and following up, fairs, conventions and other events. It is also responsible for any other activity that the congress requires, carrying this out directly or by sub contracting third parties. A PCO has relationships and contact with all kinds of companies from the most diverse sectors that may be involved in the organization of a congress, such as a travel agency, hotels, translation services, hosting, printing services, airlines, transport companies, catering, etc.

What are corporate events and non corporate events?

Corporate events are organized by companies or institutions focused on the internal or external public. Corporate events are organized by government and non government organisms, in other words, associations and NGOs.