We are Stimulus and we are passionate about what we do.

We are passionate about every detail of our work, the direction, administration and comprehensive management of events; and, for more than 24 years, we have organized the most important projects implemented in our country.

We are a multidisciplinary team committed to exceed the expectations of our clients in every project that we undertake.

Peru inspires us. The historic, natural and cultural wealth of our country is a never-ending source of ideas that allow us to build unique and unforgettable experiences nationwide and internationally.


Create, manage and conduct events that exceed all expectations and become unique, memorable and inspiring experiences that build on Peruvian cultural wealth.


Contribute to make Peru a world reference in innovation and professionalism in the meetings, incentives, events and conventions industry (MICE).




We undertake our responsibilities with loyalty, seeking compliance with set objectives.


We take into account the opinions of persons and their right to be treated kindly.


We are driven by getting better every day and accomplish extraordinary results.


Our everyday work is infused with a mystique and special energy that makes us always give 100%.

Stimulus CEO letter

Letter From The CEO

Our country is a great host.

From its undisputable natural wealth to the ongoing fusion of customs and dreams of every migrant culture that makes up our identity; Peru receives us and hosts us, as always, with open arms.

Today, and for over 24 years, we feel Peru as more than a source of inspiration: we assimilate its extraordinary nature as a location and incorporate it to every event we conduct to ensure experiences that are unique, memorable and ours, which produce results that go beyond the expectations of our clients.

At Stimulus, we understand that events are scenarios of personal encounters that promote business dynamics and cultural exchange.

We are aware that the success of the event depends on a creative, impeccable and sound orchestration that considers even the most minimal detail. No event is like any other – and it shouldn’t be, because innovating, improving and growing are a constant for us, and every project, a unique opportunity for enrichment.

Our team of professionals shares the vision of making Peru an international referent within the industry. This is why we undertake the responsibility of making each of the attendants to the projects that we manage take with them the best image of our clients and of our country, and we support this with our expertise.

We thank you for the trust you place in us.



ICCA: International Congress and Convention Association


Representing the world’s main specialists in destination Marketing, Organization, Transport,

Accommodation and Management of events for international conferences and events, the objective of ICCA is the global promotion of the meetings and conventions sector.

A member since 1998, Stimulus is the only partner company in Peru in the Event Direction and Management category, which makes us responsible for the ongoing progress of our country as a location for international events in all rankings of the association.


SITE: Society for Incentive Travel Excellence

Since 1994, Stimulus is a part of the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence, an industry promotion network consisting of 2000 members in 28 sections and more than 90 countries, which provide a unique support and exclusive connectivity structure to ensure the global scalability of every project in this industry.


Commitment to our Culture

For us, Peru is more than a source of inspiration.

Since we started as a firm more than 24 years ago, we feel a deep sense of responsibility for transmitting our culture, recognizing it and preserving it in all of its expressions.

Our food, music, dance, art, history and folklore are always present in every project we conduct, ensuring unique and memorable experiences which, in addition, serve to promote Peruvian culture beyond its borders.

We enter support agreements with institutions such as the Lima Art Museum who, since 1999, allows us to help in auctions and summer parties that are major sources of funds for operation of the Museum and for furthering local collectionism.

Furthermore, our funders promote the tradition and talent of Peruvian artisans through Sphaera, a partner firm that offers the world luxury textile, leather and copper items made by handcrafter communities with motifs inspired on the millenarian Andean iconography.

And, since 2015, we work with the Motivos de Sobra partnership to promote knowledge of our history and culture in children and youths with the Larco Museum and the Cantagallo Shipibo community.