Terms And Conditions

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Stimulus S.A. may revise, modify and up-date these terms and conditions at its total discretion and at any time.

The terms and conditions have been divided into three groupings. These are:

  • 1. Privacy policy (use of information by the users).
  • 2. Intellectual Property Rights (the use of the contents, designs and other elements of this website is prohibited).
  • 3. Exclusion of responsibility (for damage to the equipment or the programs caused by any type of virus or other circumstance related directly or indirectly to the access of the Stimulus S.A. website).

1. Privacy Policy

1.1.  Stimulus S.A. will utilize all the information submitted by the users voluntarily and conscientiously for the preparation of its data base on visitors to its website for the knowledge and attention of its clients and for marketing activities generally.

1.2.  Stimulus S.A.  will utilize all personal information and other type of information submitted by visitors to the website in order to improve its publicity, commercial, marketing and promotional efforts, for statistical use and analysis of visits to the website and to improve the characteristics and content of the same. It will also utilize the information provided to send messages and contents that may be of specific interest to the visitors, in accordance with its understanding of such information provided by the visitor. This information will include new products and services, characteristics of these, surveys, on-line purchasing opportunities contests and links with other websites. This information could be sent by Stimulus S.A. and therefore refer to its own products or those of other companies and entities, carefully selected by Stimulus S.A. unless the visitor states in writing his/her intention that this should not be shared with other companies.

1.3. Users who wish to cease receiving information and messages from Stimulus S.A: by electronic mail, will have the option of stating this to the company, which will then exclude the user from its electronic mailing list of contacts and will abstain from sending information by this means from that moment.

1.4.  Stimulus S.A.  procures with the best legal means at its disposal, that the third parties that provide services to Stimulus S.A. related to the web page, such as the design administration and up-dating of the website, have access to the information supplied by the users and that this information will be managed with the same reserve and confidentiality used by Stimulus S.A: which will not be responsible for any unlawful or unauthorized use that such third parties may give to said information.

1.5.  Stimulus S.A. will up-date both the personal information and additional information that the users of the website have provided and wish to change.

1.6.  Stimulus S.A.  may share general information related to its visitors, such as for example the ratio of men to women, age ranges and their systems of internet access, with announcers, associates, sponsors and any other third party in order to improve the contents and the announcements of its website.

1.7.  Stimulus S.A. could use the personal information and other types of the visitors to the web page, in order to enable other companies to contact Stimulus S.A. on anything relating to products and services that could be of interest, unless the user indicate in writing that its does not want that information to be shared.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

2.1. Stimulus S.A. maintains this web site to supply information about its products and as a means of commercial interaction with its clients and other players in the market. The brands, commercial names, descriptions, graphs, photographs, drawings, designs and any other property that appears on this website, as well as the contents, are legally protected in favor of this company in accordance with legal dispositions on industrial and intellectual property rights. Consequently they may not be utilized, modified, copied, reproduced, transmitted or distributed in any way unless there is a previous written and express authorization from Stimulus S.A.

2.2. The protected contents referred to in the previous paragraph, include texts, images, illustrations, drawings, designs, software, music, sound, photographs and videos and any other means or forms of communicating the contents, information or knowledge.

2.3. The ideas, opinions suggestions and comments sent spontaneously and with no previous request by the users of Stimulus S.A. relative to the products, services, marketing strategies, or other strategies, may be used freely by Stimulus S.A. should this be deemed convenient, for the development of new products or marketing plans. Such communications are not confidential and it is presumed that they are not protected by any property right regulation and the user sending such information may not claim indemnity or any form of participation as a result of the legitimate commercial use that Stimulus S.A. gives to it. Should the information be protected by some form of regulation related to intellectual property rights, the spontaneous communication to Stimulus S.A. will be understood to be an irreversible and total renouncement of the moral and ownership rights and privileges that such regulations grant, and the transfer of the same to Stimulus S.A. In all cases, although the information supplied is protected or not, it will become and remain the property of Stimulus S.A. which means that this company will not consider that this information to be confidential, that the user sending the information may not make a judicial or extrajudicial claim for the use of this information and that such user will have no right to any payment because of the information supplied.

3. Responsibility Exclusions

3.1. The material and technical components on this website may include mistakes and technical faults, consequently the visit made by each user will be entirely at his/her own risk. Neither Stimulus S.A. nor the third parties involved in the design, administration and up-dating will be responsible for damages that users could eventually suffer directly or indirectly as a consequence of the access or use of the website. Stimulus S.A. does not guarantee that access to the website be permanent or free from errors, or that it is free from virus or other damaging elements. Consequently, Stimulus S.A. will not be responsible for damages suffered through the use of the website, the use or lack of access to a link, faults in the performance of the website, error in the same, omissions, interruptions delays in the operation or in the transmission, faults in the line and the like.

3.2.  Stimulus S.A.  carefully selects its links with other internet sites, to which it obtains access through its own website, but it does not accept responsibility for the contents or the technical aspects of these, especially when one considers  these with time. Consequently access to such sites through the Stimulus S.A. website is done at the risk and responsibility of the user.

3.3. Stimulus S.A. does not guarantee, either expressly or implicitly, the contents incorporated into this website, or the functional elements of the same. It especially does not guarantee that: • The functional elements of this website do not have interruptions or errors. • The errors are corrected. • The server of this web site or of the links by means of which the website becomes available or those others are free from virus or other damaging components. • The result of your visit and of the activities carried out as a consequence of the visit be completely satisfactory.

4.Cancellations and refunds

In case of cancellations, refunds are subject to the specifications of the registration fee selected.

Your registration is valid for the days of the event.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us at (01) 626 9520 or ebr@stimulus.pe